The politico financial scandals of these last decades revealed the existence of relevant failures in the risk management of financial institutions and had an often disastrous impact on their reputation and on investors’ trust. The explosion of legal requirements that followed, involves an organization capable of implementing a sound corporate governance, developing a strong ethical culture designed to enable positive risks and power performance.

Founded in 2002, our company specializes since 2009 in the field of Swiss banking and financial law, risk and compliance.

Understanding that regulatory pressures remains a costly and time-consuming burden, Phoenix offers a wide array of turnkey solutions that can help to ensure that your institution is complying with new requirements quickly and in a cost efficient manner. Phoenix isn’t just about protecting investors or managing your firm’s reputational exposure. It’s about building trust through an ethical framework and responsible business outlook, key to sustainable success.

We can help you to reduce your fixed costs and offer :

  • High expertise by Senior Risk & Compliance officers to understand and manage, on the one hand, more and more complex legal and regulatory requirements and on the other hand, business issues
  • Intervention by independent and objective partners, with expertise in conflict management
  • Opportunity for you to focus uniquely on your core business
  • Greater flexibility with the opportunity to react quickly to changing market conditions, fluctuating demand cycles and increased competition
  • Optimization of costs by tailor made solutions and appropriate resource (costs’ predictability and transparency)
  • Optimized Risk & Compliance solutions through benchmarking (peer to peer comparison, solutions adapted to market standards)
  • Possibility of outsourcing the Risk and/or Compliance function
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