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We do not assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or changes and the consequences of using information on this site.

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We draw your attention to the fact that an email communication is not, for technical reasons, safe or confidential and we do not assume any responsibility for it.

Data protection

Phoenix Global Services SA has implemented and enforced a Data Protection Policy. In case of any disagreement with our policy, it is your responsibility to inform us and to no longer use our site. In such a case, we will also no longer be able to contact you to provide you with our services.

Phoenix Global Services SA processes personal data for the sole purpose of providing legal and compliance advice to its clients (including invoicing and client relationship management). No behavioral monitoring, profiling or other marketing studies are carried out using the personal data provided by clients or contacts on the site. Personal data collected in view of or within a business relationship with Phoenix Global Services SA can be used for the purposes of sending you thematic information, invite you to events, or inform you about Phoenix Global Services SA and its services.

All persons who have access to your personal data within Phoenix Global Services SA will be bound to confidentiality. When using service providers, Phoenix Global Services SA ensures that these providers are bound by the same confidentiality obligations.

Phoenix Global Services SA ensures your personal data remains safe and secure by taking cybersecurity measures.

Your personal data is kept as long as necessary to achieve the above goals, respectively until such time as consent is withdrawn, provided that legal provisions do not allow – or even require – a wider retention.

Any individual or corporation may access and obtain a copy of his/its personal data, as the case may be and requests their corrections in the event of inaccuracy, or oppose to their transfer or even request their deletion (subject to the legal provisions mentioned above), generally request to be informed about the processing of his/its personal data by Phoenix Global Services SA.

For any information or to exercise any of your data protection rights listed above, or to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, please contact Phoenix Global Services SA by email at:

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